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Discover, shop & enjoy our handmade products all lovingly made in the heart of Wiltshire.

Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings

Unique handmade and hand designed earrings, using polymer clay and different techniques to create the most wonderful statement jewellery

Hand Designed Coasters- Green Slate - Alfia

Custom & Bespoke- Coasters, Placemats & Magnets

Are you looking for something truly unique and beautiful for your home? or maybe you're looking for a special gift for someone special? Then look no further...

Our custom & bespoke range of coasters, placemats and magnets, are just that! Did you know they are all one off too!! No 2 are ever the same.

They really are functional pieces of art for your home.

Make your home as unique as you are, or give something one off to your loved one. Pop us a message to discuss yours today.

Commissions are available from April-September.


My Story

Welcome! So a little about me and the story of how how Alfia came to be, here's my story,

Here at Alfia it's just me! I hand make and design everything you see on the website, apart from the wax melter/burners!

I have always loved crafting since I can remember, and I have always loved putting my hand to making anything, or at least giving it a go using many different mediums, some mediums have now become an obsession, and these are what I call my main makes. These consist of soy wax melts, earrings and my one off inked coasters, placemats and magnets, but defiantly not limited to just these products. You'll find a section called 'More Hand Crafted Items' and this is where you'll find my other items that are not made on a daily basis. The love of crafting was passed to me from my mum, who I enjoyed nothing more than making things with her, and learning everything she had to teach me.

For the last few years I have been trading at small local events, and have also been invited into stores to trade, which has been an amazing experience and opportunity, that I'm so thankful for. I love interacting with customers face to face and talking or answering questions about my products, or simply helping them find the right gift for someone, or themselves, but equally I'm always happy to help people via message.

I found a love for making soy wax melts in 2021, when I just wanted my home to smell amazing and felt I wasn't getting that from the ones I was buying off the shelf, so I took matters into my own hands and researched everything I needed to know, and started experimenting to bring the most amazing fragrances to not only my home but other too, this soon progressed to the carpet fresheners and room sprays.

The handmade earrings soon followed later in 2021/2022, and I have grown even more passionate about making them. I mean who doesn't love a bit of jewellery! I'll confess now...earrings are my guilty pleasure! I have so many, but you can never have enough right!?

I found a passion for resin, and inks in 2020 and I always look forward to making these from spring to autumn, the real fun is getting a custom order and interacting with a customer about what they want, colours, style etc. and then being able to create and bring their vision to life for their home, knowing that these items are one off and unique just like us. 

If you have got this far...Thank you! And thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for supporting my small business, it means the world. You're all amazing, and I feel so humbled that you have chosen to support my small business and my dream.

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