Collection: Shower Steamers

Experience a serene spa day in the comfort of your own shower with our beautiful shower steamers. Giving you an aromatherapy experience like no other! Infused with highly scented, vegan and cruelty free oils, you're in for a treat with our range of steamers. Ahhh-mazing! 


If you don't have a bath, or simply don't have time to have a bath, shower steamers are the perfect aromatherapy session for your shower!

As the water hits the shower steamer the steam becomes infused with the beautiful fragrance to help calm, relax, destress or energise the body and mind.

If you don't have a shower you can use these in a bath that has a shower head, or shower tray, or wet room. However, please note, they should not be used as a bath bomb.


  • Your own spa experience in your shower
  • Helps destress, relax or energise 
  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free


Place one steamer on the floor of your shower tray or bath and ensure it is not in the direct flow of the water, you can also place it on the lowest shelf in your shower too. The steam in the air and water from the shower will activate the shower steamer and it will start to fizz releasing its fragrance.

1 shower steamers weighs approximately 70g . We recommend that you use one shower steamer for a strong scent. Each shower steamer on average should last between five and ten minutes..